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    News & Information — DeMarini

    Limited Edition 2022 DeMarini CF Mash Up USSSA Baseball Bat


    Introducing the Limited Edition 2022 DeMarini CF Mash Up USSSA Baseball bat, bringing together the iconic CF graphics from 2017, 2018 and 2020 into one bat. 

    Built for elite players at all levels of USSSA play, the CF Mash Up features an electric two-piece composite construction. With a Paraflex™ Plus Composite Barrel for enhanced control and a 3Fusion™ Connection to maximize energy transfer, the CF Mash Up matches incredible power with an unmatched feel so you can put a charge into every swing. The lightweight ReAction End Cap optimizes barrel performance, ensuring elite responsiveness with each hit.

    2022 CF Mashup is available in Drop 10 (-10), Drop 8 (-8) and Drop 5 (-5).


    Product Features

    • Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel: Engineered for consistent responsiveness and a huge sweet spot
    • 2 Piece Composite Construction: Designed for improved weight distribution that allows for great balance, bat speed and barrel control
    • 3Fusion Connection: The streamlined design allows for greater weight control and feel while continuing to reduce vibration and redirect energy back into the barrel
    • ReAction End Cap: Built with a blend of stronger and lighter materials, this end cap increases barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed



    Get to Know the 2022 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat Lineup

    Learn about the four 2022 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bats so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

    We are excited to introduce the 2022 DeMarini® CF® Fastpitch Bats--a lineup that truly speaks for itself with consistent performance at the plate. With its iconic Paraflex Plus™ Composite Barrel, DeMarini’s flagship fastpitch bat lineup delivers the long-lasting durability and elite production that has become synonymous with the CF.

    “This high-performance barrel stays hotter longer than anything else we’ve seen on the market,” said DeMarini Engineer Julia Luciano.

    Updated for 2022, the CF Fastpitch lineup features four distinct weight drops. Within each weight drop, CF is available in multiple lengths. DeMarini engineers in Hillsboro, Oregon tailor-make each bat for a different type of player, designing and producing each combination of length and weight to enhance feel and performance.



    As players grow and mature, they may advance to a larger bat. Longer and heavier bats can help deliver greater exit velocity and distance, so players should pick up the bat that will help them maximize their game. When making the next step up, a good rule of thumb for hitters is to choose a bat that is either one inch longer or one ounce heavier than their current setup. This allows players to adapt quickly to the swing and feel of a new fastpitch bat. Since the DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat is available in four weight drops, players have several options to choose from when looking for a bat to match their swing.

    “The CF is DeMarini’s flagship bat,” Luciano said. “It’s had a home in our lineup for the better part of a decade, and that’s no accident. We’re constantly innovating, but we never forget our roots. There’s something special about this model that keeps players coming back from the day they first pick up a bat to the day they step on the field as an Olympian.”



    For softball players looking to develop their game, (-11) fastpitch bats are ideal to maximize bat speed and barrel control to give players the best chance to make consistent contact at the plate. With a smooth-swinging design and lightweight Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, the CF (-11) allows younger players to perfect their swing and develop good habits.

    “It’s super balanced,” Luciano said. “It swings light and gives players the best combination of pop, barrel speed and bat control available in a (-11).”

    Contact-first players, regularly hitting leadoff or turning over the lineup, can swing the CF (-11) to slap the ball to all fields and hone their skills at the plate.

    An all-new Tracer™ End Cap tops the Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel, and it is composed of lightweight and durable composite materials. The dished end cap of the CF (-11) maximizes barrel length while optimizing weight distribution.

    New for 2022, the Type-V Connection System dampens vibration and offers great feel on contact. This connection system, debuting on the (-11), (-10) and (-9) variations of the CF, pairs the Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel with a Paraflex Plus Composite Handle.

    “The handle protects a hitter’s hands from sting, allowing the barrel to provide the type of feedback players are looking for,” Luciano said. “If you barrel it up, you’ll know when you strike the sweet spot. If you miss, you’re still going to get great pop and performance, but you’ll be able to identify where on the bat you missed and adjust your next swing based on that information. That feedback helps players fine-tune their swing without the fear of getting rung up in their hands. It’s an essential tool for speed players and slappers that rely on the finesse of the short game to produce for their team.”


    Preferred by most players hitting in the middle of the lineup, the CF (-10) fastpitch softball bat offers the ideal balance of swing weight and performance. DeMarini manufactured the CF (-10) to deliver the perfect blend of feel and pop with an ultra-balanced swing weight that many hitters prefer.

    “Most people should be using a (-10),” Luciano said. “It was designed for a player that’s working gap-to-gap, looking to hit for a high average while still capitalizing on home run power.”

    The 2022 CF (-10) features the same new Type-V Connection found on the CF (-11) and CF (-9) to pair its ultra-responsive and durable Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel with a Paraflex Plus Composite Handle. Manufactured with lightweight composite materials, the raised Tracer End Cap of the CF (-10) optimizes barrel weight and performance.



    DeMarini constructed the 2022 CF (-9) to be the best possible bat for stronger players looking to swing for power. Designed for dominant hitters who can control a heavier swinging bat, the CF (-9) merges new research with the innovations of the DeMarini FNX and insights from previous CF Insane models to deliver the ideal bat for players looking to generate maximum exit velocity.

    “This product is streamlined for heavy hitters,” Luciano said. “We’ve offered bats geared towards power hitters in the past; this year’s model exists as a culmination of all that we’ve learned from our research into hitting balls over the fence throughout the years.”

    The Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel of the CF (-9) is enhanced to improve durability and optimize the hitting area, affectionately known as the sweet spot. A new Tremor End Cap composed of ultra-strong materials makes its debut on the (-9) and (-8) variations of the 2022 CF. Designed specifically for these heavier-swinging bats, the raised Tremor End Cap optimizes barrel performance to help propel extra-base hits.



    Crafted specifically for fastpitch softball’s most lethal hitters, CF (-8) delivers extreme power and sends the ball flying on contact. Built for dominant performance, the 2022 CF (-8) takes the technology that players loved from the heaviest DeMarini FNX model and reintroduces it to the CF lineup.

    The Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel of the 2022 CF (-8) mirrors the barrel of the 2021 FNX (-8) and the barrels of previous CF (-8) fastpitch bats. A Direct Connection pairs the heavy barrel with a Paraflex Plus Composite Handle, resulting in the stiffest feel among all 2022 CF fastpitch softball bats. Don Loeffler, DeMarini Innovation and Engineering Manager, said the CF (-8) offers the stiff swing that strong fastpitch players love.

    “It’s as close to a one-piece feel as you can get without being a one-piece bat.”

    Via DeMarini.com

    Introducing the 2022 DeMarini USSSA Lineup

    Meet the DeMarini baseball bats crafted to dominate USSSA competition.

    Led by the state-of-the-art Zoa™ and consistently dominant CF®, the 2022 lineup of DeMarini® USSSA baseball bats has something for every type of hitter. The latest iterations of The Goods™, The Goods One Piece and Uprising Junior Big Barrel round out the 2022 DeMarini USSSA lineup, a group featuring (-5), (-8) and (-10) weight drops.

    When purchasing your USSSSA bat, first check your league requirements. USSSA mandates that certain weight drops only be used within specific age groups, so be sure to verify what your player needs for their season. For example, all 13U events and all teams in 13U events must use a maximum (-8) weight drop, and all 14U events and all teams in 14U events must use a maximum (-5) weight drop.

    2022 DeMarini CF

    The tried-and-true flagship of the DeMarini USSSA lineup, CF returns for 2022 with a new barrel graphic. This longtime leader in USSSA play has dominated the travel ball ranks with its Paraflex Plus™ Composite Barrel, a light-swinging composite with massive power. This two-piece composite uses a 3Fusion™ Connection system to pair the barrel with a Paraflex Plus Composite Handle, resulting in incredible feel and forgiveness on contact. Available in (-5), (-8) and (-10) weight drops, CF is a staple across USSSA dugouts.

    2022 DeMarini Zoa

    Zoa, first introduced through the D-LAB in early 2021, is DeMarini’s newest offering for USSSA players. This two-piece composite design features DeMarini’s Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel. Zoa’s manufacturing process allows for targeted weighting and more consistency throughout the barrel. The Zoa USSSA Baseball bat is available in (-5), (-8) and (-10) weight drops, so there is a design for everyone from young travel ball players to advanced hitters on the cusp of BBCOR. The (-5) version of Zoa features a composite handle stiffer than that of CF, making it ideal for stronger hitters looking to hit for power as they prepare for BBCOR play.

    2022 DeMarini The Goods

    The Goods introduces DeMarini’s Half + Half Technology to USSSA play. With a massive X14™ Alloy Barrel and a stiff Paraflex Plus Composite Handle, The Goods is ideal for USSSA players who prefer the durability and power of alloy. The direct connection allows for great feel and forgiveness so players can swing without fear. The (-10) version of The Goods is ideal for young players looking to introduce themselves to travel ball, and the (-5) models are best suited for advanced travel ball players as they transition to BBCOR play.

    The Goods One Piece

    One-piece alloy bats are renowned for their light swing weights in USSSA play, and The Goods One Piece delivers with its X14 Alloy construction. The light-swinging design allows travel ball players to maximize bat speed and barrel control, leading to more consistent contact at the plate. The Goods One-Piece is available in (-8) and (-10) weight drops, a pair of lightweight designs that help young players discover their swing.

    Uprising Junior Big Barrel

    The Uprising JBB is another one-piece alloy bat in DeMarini’s USSSA lineup. With a light swing weight and a massive DX1™ Alloy Barrel, the Uprising JBB is designed to help young hitters make solid contact. The Uprising JBB is available exclusively in (-10) weight drops, ideal for young travel ball players looking to put the ball in play. The one-piece alloy design is durable and lightweight, so players can rack up swings in the batting cage or at the plate.

    Via DeMarini.com

    Introducing the 2022 DeMarini BBCOR Lineup

    Meet the DeMarini baseball bats designed to put the pressure on BBCOR competition.

    Each DeMarini BBCOR Baseball Bat – CF, Gattaca, The Goods, The Goods One Piece, Voodoo, Voodoo One Piece and Zoa – has distinct advantages that benefit different types of players. While BBCOR certification requires overall weight to remain consistent, DeMarini engineers modify construction processes, introduce different materials and alter weight distribution to differentiate bats in the lineup.


    Composite BBCOR Bats

    DeMarini offers a pair of two-piece composite bats. These bats with composite barrels and composite handles are preferred by players looking for the best feel on contact.

    DeMarini CF

    The longtime anchor of the DeMarini BBCOR lineup, CF returns with its light swing weight, iconic barrel control and incredible composite feel for 2022. DeMarini’s flagship Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel swings easy while featuring a sizeable sweet spot. Ideal for players transitioning to BBCOR and seasoned veterans alike, CF helps hitters control the strike zone and drive the ball from gap to gap or deep over the wall.

    DeMarini Zoa

    DeMarini D-LAB engineers spent several years developing the composite bat that would go on to become the 2022 DeMarini Zoa BBCOR Baseball Bat. Zoa’s innovative Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel features a longer optimized hitting area – the largest hitting surface of any bat in the lineup. Through its unique construction process, Zoa is crafted with improved weight distribution, leading to consistent performance along the length of the barrel.


    Hybrid BBCOR Bats

    DeMarini invented the Hybrid category with our Half + Half Technology. This category pairs an alloy barrel with a composite handle, introducing the feel and lighter weight benefits of composite while maintaining the power of alloy barrels.

    DeMarini The Goods 

    The top weapon of choice among elite college hitters, The Goods uses Half + Half Technology to pair an alloy barrel with a composite handle for the ultimate in hybrid construction. Derived from DeMarini’s Voodoo Insane, The Goods features a massive X14 Alloy Barrel and a stiff Paraflex Plus™ Composite Handle. The 2022 edition of The Goods boasts the heaviest swing weight in DeMarini’s BBCOR lineup, and its construction and performance mirrors that of the previous model.

    DeMarini Voodoo

    With its X14 Alloy Barrel and composite handle, the 2022 DeMarini Voodoo is ideal for contact-oriented hitters who prefer the feel of an alloy barrel. A new Type-V Connection pairs the alloy barrel with the composite handle, forming a hybrid construction that offers improved feel and responsiveness.

    DeMarini Gattaca

    The 2022 DeMarini Gattaca continues to usher in baseball’s launch angle revolution. Gattaca’s SpeSys™ grooved alloy barrel design comes in two options – one for right-handed hitters and another for left-handed hitters.  The 33” Gattaca applies DeMarini’s grooved technology to the Voodoo barrel, leading to a more balanced swing. The 34” Gattaca applies grooved technology to the barrel of The Goods, resulting in a heavier, more powerful swing. Each of these four individual bats has been engineered to optimize launch angle and exit velocity. Who doesn’t prefer dingers over doubles?


    Alloy BBCOR Bats

    DeMarini offers two one-piece alloy bats, tools of the trade for players who prefer a stiffer feel similar to wood bats.

    DeMarini The Goods One Piece

    Featuring the top characteristics from two signature DeMarini bats, the 2022 The Goods One Piece is specially designed to maximize exit velocity. Derived from The Goods, The X14 Alloy Barrel on The Goods One Piece is enormous, and weight is concentrated closer to the end of the barrel. With its one-piece construction, a key element from the Voodoo One, The Goods One Piece is ideal for stronger players who prefer a stiffer feel mirroring that of wood bats.

    DeMarini Voodoo One Piece

    One of the two one-piece alloy bats in the DeMarini BBCOR lineup, the 2022 Voodoo One offers a lighter swing weight that allows hitters to maximize swing speed and barrel control. The one-piece construction with a durable X14™ Alloy Barrel generates a stiffer feel through the swing. Celebrated across the baseball landscape for its elite power output, the Voodoo One delivers unparalleled exit velocities everywhere from the batting cages to game action. The latest edition of Voodoo One reintroduces Skully – the iconic DeMarini logo that first appeared on the earliest Voodoos. Players can customize a Voodoo One with the original Skully logo on DeMariniCustomBats.com.

    Via DeMarini.com

    New Look, Same DeMarini: Introducing the RAYZR’D Logo

    Learn about the new logo appearing on 2022 bats, a nod to Ray DeMarini's legacy.

    DeMarini founder and namesake Ray DeMarini was boldness personified. Obsessed with bringing home run power to the masses, Ray went from building bats out of a dirt-floor barn to operating a factory in Hillsboro, Oregon. When it came to producing DeMarini slowpitch softball bats in Hillsboro, Ray wanted his bombastic attitude – the personality that led to game-changing bat technologies – to come through in the designs.

    “He cared a lot about overall impact,” said Hodad, DeMarini’s Creative Director for more than 20 years. “Like color and just making it insane.”

    Since 1989, Ray constantly pursued innovation. With more than 30 years of history driving the Oregon-based bat company, the latest line of DeMarini bats is set to continue Ray’s legacy with a sharp new look.

    Introducing the DeMarini RAYZR’D, the logo appearing now on DeMarini’s newest trailblazing baseball and softball bats. The RAYZR’D logo, featured prominently on the 2022 D-Lab Zoa BBCOR Bat and USA Softball Signature Series CF Fastpitch Bats, celebrates DeMarini’s history as a leader in bat design and product innovation and points to the technological innovations still to come.

    Origins of the RAYZR'D

    The RAYZR’D DeMarini logo serves to usher in a new generation of innovative baseball and softball bats. The 2022 D-Lab Zoa – the first BBCOR bat to feature DeMarini’s game-changing continuous fiber composite barrel technology – and the 2022 USA Softball Signature Series CF Fastpitch bats – the very first bats to feature the RAYZR’D logo – are already altering the landscape of the game. The newest DeMarini bats, including the 2022 The Goods BBCOR Bat, the 2022 Voodoo One BBCOR Bat and the 2022 CF Fastpitch Bat, will proudly boast the RAYZR’D on the barrel taper.

    Hodad began sketching out new DeMarini logos in 2015, dabbling with different, more abstract design ideas that could speak to DeMarini’s history in Oregon. He wanted the new logo to closely tie DeMarini to baseball and softball, the company’s passion, so the center of the RAYZR’D showcases the outline of a home plate.

    This new logo, Hodad said, could stand by itself without the need for a DeMarini wordmark on the barrel, a staple to early DeMarini slowpitch bats. More recently, a D logo on the barrel taper served as the primary DeMarini branding, especially on baseball and fastpitch softball bats.

    Many early DeMarini bats featured a wordmark on the barrel and the logo on the taper.

    DeMarini Logo History

    From making noise on the slowpitch circuit to launching a series of instructional hitting videos, Ray DeMarini knew what it took to create buzz in the softball world. To capitalize on Ray’s notoriety, the first DeMarini bats featured his last name inscribed along the length of the barrel.

    This early design helped DeMarini off the ground and out of the dirt-floor barn, but Ray and Hodad never intended to follow the industry standard. To buck the national trend, they introduced a D logo on the barrel taper, allowing for more room to play with designs along the bat. Getting logos and designs onto cylindrical barrels and the taper towards the handle has always been challenging, but the shape of the new RAYZR’D allows DeMarini technicians to play with a much larger logo.

    “With the new RAYZR’D, I can make it quite a bit larger, especially on the baseball models, Hodad said. “It’s about as large as it can get because now it’s wrapping halfway around the bat.”

    Included in the sharp RAYZR’D is a nod to Ray, the original mastermind behind DeMarini bats. The latest logo highlights Ray’s initials – it appears as a D when printed on the bat taper, but then appears as an R when turned on its side.

    New DeMarini Logo Steps Up to the Plate

    Launching a new age of innovation in June 2021, the RAYZR’D logo made its product debut on a trio of DeMarini Signature CF Fastpitch Bats. USA Softball standouts Ali Aguilar, Valerie Arioto and Amanda “Chiddy” Chidester all designed custom CFs for their international competition with USA softball, and their bats showed off the new company logo.

    “It’s awesome. I think it has a different feel to it,” Aguilar said of the new logo. “It’s edgy and just kind of cool, and I think it’s cool to be the first.”

    Chidester, who designed a red, white and blue CF ahead of 2021 competition, said her friends, social media followers and USA Softball teammates took interest in the new logo right away when she began teasing the bat ahead of launch day.

    “I think it’s pretty sweet. I think it brings some edge to it,” Chidester said. “I’m excited to use it, and I know a lot of people have noticed it.”

    The 2022 D-Lab Zoa BBCOR Bat, launched in June 2021, brought the RAYZR’D to the baseball lineup, and the logo took center stage during DeMarini’s latest trip to the Omaha Experience amid college baseball’s national championship. Following the launches of the 2022 baseball and fastpitch bat lineups later this year, the RAYZR’D will feature prominently on most DeMarini baseball and fastpitch softball bats, opening a new chapter of DeMarini innovation.

    Via DeMarini.com