Introducing the 2022 DeMarini USSSA Lineup

Meet the DeMarini baseball bats crafted to dominate USSSA competition.

Led by the state-of-the-art Zoa™ and consistently dominant CF®, the 2022 lineup of DeMarini® USSSA baseball bats has something for every type of hitter. The latest iterations of The Goods™, The Goods One Piece and Uprising Junior Big Barrel round out the 2022 DeMarini USSSA lineup, a group featuring (-5), (-8) and (-10) weight drops.

When purchasing your USSSSA bat, first check your league requirements. USSSA mandates that certain weight drops only be used within specific age groups, so be sure to verify what your player needs for their season. For example, all 13U events and all teams in 13U events must use a maximum (-8) weight drop, and all 14U events and all teams in 14U events must use a maximum (-5) weight drop.

2022 DeMarini CF

The tried-and-true flagship of the DeMarini USSSA lineup, CF returns for 2022 with a new barrel graphic. This longtime leader in USSSA play has dominated the travel ball ranks with its Paraflex Plus™ Composite Barrel, a light-swinging composite with massive power. This two-piece composite uses a 3Fusion™ Connection system to pair the barrel with a Paraflex Plus Composite Handle, resulting in incredible feel and forgiveness on contact. Available in (-5), (-8) and (-10) weight drops, CF is a staple across USSSA dugouts.

2022 DeMarini Zoa

Zoa, first introduced through the D-LAB in early 2021, is DeMarini’s newest offering for USSSA players. This two-piece composite design features DeMarini’s Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel. Zoa’s manufacturing process allows for targeted weighting and more consistency throughout the barrel. The Zoa USSSA Baseball bat is available in (-5), (-8) and (-10) weight drops, so there is a design for everyone from young travel ball players to advanced hitters on the cusp of BBCOR. The (-5) version of Zoa features a composite handle stiffer than that of CF, making it ideal for stronger hitters looking to hit for power as they prepare for BBCOR play.

2022 DeMarini The Goods

The Goods introduces DeMarini’s Half + Half Technology to USSSA play. With a massive X14™ Alloy Barrel and a stiff Paraflex Plus Composite Handle, The Goods is ideal for USSSA players who prefer the durability and power of alloy. The direct connection allows for great feel and forgiveness so players can swing without fear. The (-10) version of The Goods is ideal for young players looking to introduce themselves to travel ball, and the (-5) models are best suited for advanced travel ball players as they transition to BBCOR play.

The Goods One Piece

One-piece alloy bats are renowned for their light swing weights in USSSA play, and The Goods One Piece delivers with its X14 Alloy construction. The light-swinging design allows travel ball players to maximize bat speed and barrel control, leading to more consistent contact at the plate. The Goods One-Piece is available in (-8) and (-10) weight drops, a pair of lightweight designs that help young players discover their swing.

Uprising Junior Big Barrel

The Uprising JBB is another one-piece alloy bat in DeMarini’s USSSA lineup. With a light swing weight and a massive DX1™ Alloy Barrel, the Uprising JBB is designed to help young hitters make solid contact. The Uprising JBB is available exclusively in (-10) weight drops, ideal for young travel ball players looking to put the ball in play. The one-piece alloy design is durable and lightweight, so players can rack up swings in the batting cage or at the plate.