Diamond Demo Bat Program

Find the bat to fit your swing! While we do not have cages on the premises we do offer a Demo Program. We have Baseball and Fastpitch Softball bats available to try!

How does the Diamond Demo Program work? First off, it is available in store only! Come in and select up to two (2) bats from what we have available to demo. It costs $20 per bat and you can have them for up to four (4) days. At the time of demo we will place a Diamond Demo Credit(s) on your receipt. Do not lose them! You will have 30 days from your rental date to use them on your bat purchase. Each credit is worth $10 Off your Bat Purchase and must be presented at the time of purchase. When you are checking them out we get a copy of your drivers license and take an imprint of a credit card in case you don't return the bats.

What is the cost per bat? $20

How many bats can I demo at once? Up to Two (2) Bats

How long can I try the bats out for? Four (4) Days

Are there any Restrictions? You must be 18 years or older, with a valid ID to Demo any Bat(s).

What Bats do you have for Demo? We have multiple new models from most manufacturers we sell. Unfortunately they limit how many we can get so we do not have every bat in every size. Contact us or come in to see what is available. We have Demos available from the following brands:

  • Louisville Slugger
  • DeMarini
  • Marucci
  • Easton
  • Rawlings
  • Axe Bat
  • Mizuno
  • Warstic
  • Dudley
  • Victus
  • Stinger
  • Anderson

Do I get a Discount on my Bat Purchase after I demo? Yes! Bring in your receipt with your Diamond Demo Credit(s) at the time of purchase. Each credit is worth $10 OFF your Bat Purchase!

What is a Diamond Demo Credit? The Diamond Demo Credit is a sticker that will be placed on the back of your receipt for each bat that you demo. You MUST present them at the time of bat purchase or NO discount will be given.

How long do I have to use my credit(s)? 30 Days from Rental Date

Can I call ahead to have bats held for me? Yes, but we will only hold bats for the day. Call the morning you are coming and we can have bats waiting for you when you get here! We will NOT hold bats multiple days as it is a widely used program.

Are there Late Fees? Yes. Due to the popularity of the program we have to have them back after a strict 4 days so others can try them. Failure to return demo bat(s) in 4 days will result in a $10 per day late fee & 1 Rental Strike. $10 will be charged per day for up to 6 days, resulting in a total of 10 days that you have the bat(s). After the 10th day your credit card will be charged the accumulated late fees plus the FULL MSRP price of the bat(s).

What are Rental Strikes? Each time you go past the 4 days you are given a Rental Strike. Once you accumulate 3 strikes you can no longer use our demo program.

When you check out bat(s), pay and sign our Demo paperwork you agree to all terms and conditions of the Demo Program including credits & strikes.

What if you don't have the demo I'm looking for? Any of our bats, even new in wrapper can be taken outside to dry swing! You can at least get a feel for the bat before purchase or demoing a size close to what you'd like!

All of our staff are knowledgeable and can help with Demos and Bat Sizing! We hope we can help to find you your next bat!

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