How to Break in Your Glove

The best way to break in a glove is to use specially designed glove oil.  Glove oil keeps the leather ''alive'' while providing a softening condition and minimizing weight gain.  Apply a small amount of glove oil to a sponge or cloth, then use the sponge or cloth to apply the oil to the areas of the glove that are currently firm. Start with the palm, the break point of the glove and then web.  Then use the glove oil on all other parts of the glove including the entire inside to help moisturize and protect the glove.  Work the glove oil into the leather evenly.  Do not apply the glove oil directly to the glove, as it will be too concentrated at the point of application.

Also, make sure that the laces get oiled so they can stay moisturized so they will not dry and begin to crack. Otherwise, the webbing of the glove will come loose.  Remember that leather is skin and leather experts tell us not to treat glove leather any differently than you would your skin. Therefore prolonged harsh temperatures (oven, microwave) excessive water soaking, especially use of hot water, abrasives, the salt and acids produced from perspiration and excessive dryness all or individually can be harmful to the glove leather.

Break In Quick Tips

  • Play Catch!
  • Use a Glove Mallet to simulate repeated ball impacts
  • If you have access to a pitching machine stand and catch the balls and drop them in a bucket, breaks in the glove and works on hand eye coordination
  • Keep your hand in the glove to break it it! If you let someone else break it in, it will fit their hand not yours!
  • While watching TV or sitting keep throwing a ball into your glove.
  • Constantly move the leather to help it loosen up.
  • Don't add a lot of Oil or Conditioner! The more you add the heavier the glove becomes!
  • DO NOT BAKE OR STEAM A GLOVE!!! It is a quick fix but will destroy the leather and drastically shorten the life of your glove!


Break Your Glove in Like the Pros

For nearly 40 years, Wilson Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso has applied his love for ball gloves by designing the glove of choice for the best players in the world, and then some. He works with players at every level, gathering feedback and information to help craft the most innovative and extensive line of ball gloves in the game. As his designs continue to advance, he's become the most respected figure in the industry.


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