Introducing the 2022 DeMarini BBCOR Lineup

Meet the DeMarini baseball bats designed to put the pressure on BBCOR competition.

Each DeMarini BBCOR Baseball Bat – CF, Gattaca, The Goods, The Goods One Piece, Voodoo, Voodoo One Piece and Zoa – has distinct advantages that benefit different types of players. While BBCOR certification requires overall weight to remain consistent, DeMarini engineers modify construction processes, introduce different materials and alter weight distribution to differentiate bats in the lineup.


Composite BBCOR Bats

DeMarini offers a pair of two-piece composite bats. These bats with composite barrels and composite handles are preferred by players looking for the best feel on contact.

DeMarini CF

The longtime anchor of the DeMarini BBCOR lineup, CF returns with its light swing weight, iconic barrel control and incredible composite feel for 2022. DeMarini’s flagship Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel swings easy while featuring a sizeable sweet spot. Ideal for players transitioning to BBCOR and seasoned veterans alike, CF helps hitters control the strike zone and drive the ball from gap to gap or deep over the wall.

DeMarini Zoa

DeMarini D-LAB engineers spent several years developing the composite bat that would go on to become the 2022 DeMarini Zoa BBCOR Baseball Bat. Zoa’s innovative Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel features a longer optimized hitting area – the largest hitting surface of any bat in the lineup. Through its unique construction process, Zoa is crafted with improved weight distribution, leading to consistent performance along the length of the barrel.


Hybrid BBCOR Bats

DeMarini invented the Hybrid category with our Half + Half Technology. This category pairs an alloy barrel with a composite handle, introducing the feel and lighter weight benefits of composite while maintaining the power of alloy barrels.

DeMarini The Goods 

The top weapon of choice among elite college hitters, The Goods uses Half + Half Technology to pair an alloy barrel with a composite handle for the ultimate in hybrid construction. Derived from DeMarini’s Voodoo Insane, The Goods features a massive X14 Alloy Barrel and a stiff Paraflex Plus™ Composite Handle. The 2022 edition of The Goods boasts the heaviest swing weight in DeMarini’s BBCOR lineup, and its construction and performance mirrors that of the previous model.

DeMarini Voodoo

With its X14 Alloy Barrel and composite handle, the 2022 DeMarini Voodoo is ideal for contact-oriented hitters who prefer the feel of an alloy barrel. A new Type-V Connection pairs the alloy barrel with the composite handle, forming a hybrid construction that offers improved feel and responsiveness.

DeMarini Gattaca

The 2022 DeMarini Gattaca continues to usher in baseball’s launch angle revolution. Gattaca’s SpeSys™ grooved alloy barrel design comes in two options – one for right-handed hitters and another for left-handed hitters.  The 33” Gattaca applies DeMarini’s grooved technology to the Voodoo barrel, leading to a more balanced swing. The 34” Gattaca applies grooved technology to the barrel of The Goods, resulting in a heavier, more powerful swing. Each of these four individual bats has been engineered to optimize launch angle and exit velocity. Who doesn’t prefer dingers over doubles?


Alloy BBCOR Bats

DeMarini offers two one-piece alloy bats, tools of the trade for players who prefer a stiffer feel similar to wood bats.

DeMarini The Goods One Piece

Featuring the top characteristics from two signature DeMarini bats, the 2022 The Goods One Piece is specially designed to maximize exit velocity. Derived from The Goods, The X14 Alloy Barrel on The Goods One Piece is enormous, and weight is concentrated closer to the end of the barrel. With its one-piece construction, a key element from the Voodoo One, The Goods One Piece is ideal for stronger players who prefer a stiffer feel mirroring that of wood bats.

DeMarini Voodoo One Piece

One of the two one-piece alloy bats in the DeMarini BBCOR lineup, the 2022 Voodoo One offers a lighter swing weight that allows hitters to maximize swing speed and barrel control. The one-piece construction with a durable X14™ Alloy Barrel generates a stiffer feel through the swing. Celebrated across the baseball landscape for its elite power output, the Voodoo One delivers unparalleled exit velocities everywhere from the batting cages to game action. The latest edition of Voodoo One reintroduces Skully – the iconic DeMarini logo that first appeared on the earliest Voodoos. Players can customize a Voodoo One with the original Skully logo on