Marucci NightShift: The Anti-Collection

The Marucci gloves you love, in designs you can’t help but talk about.

He may be Marucci’s Fielding Glove Designer and Developer Eric Walbridge by day, but by night the creativity of Glove Cowboy knows no bounds. What started years ago as reinventing the Marucci glove lines has morphed into an after-hours, passion obsession-project, creating gloves the glove world hasn’t seen ... until now.

Intentionally uncomplicated, deliberately unrepeated, make-you-stop-and-stare [gloves].

The Marucci NightShift Collection aims to leave a mark on the glove scene, not just a mark in the leather. Familiar, but different. Accessible, but limited. 

“I’m a man of the people – I’m here to give them what they want: a Marucci glove + no rules. Okay, maybe that’s just what I want ... either way ... the NightShift is a relaxed approach to an uptight market. These are more than custom-colored gloves – these are untold stories, pop culture references and untethered inspiration distilled into the product I love. Oh, and they catch things!”

      – Eric Walbridge aka Glove Cowboy

“Designing gloves is my passion, but designing these gloves is an outlet, a duty, a compulsion I can’t not explore. The NightShift Collection is from me, to the world, after hours. Hours when I’m more creative. It knows no bounds and will completely change from one drop to the next. This glove might not be for you, but maybe the next one is. And in that case, we’ll see you next time.”

      – Eric Walbridge aka Glove Cowboy


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