Baseball Glove Sizing Guide

What Size Baseball Glove Should I Use?

There are a few factors that determine what glove you should use, including your position, age, sport and preference. These are typical sizes and a great starting point but ultimately, the size of your glove comes down to what is most comfortable for you.


11.25" - 11.75"

Most Popular Size: 11.5"

Infielders gloves are smaller with a shallow pocket to help with quick transitions. It's all about getting the ball out fast!


11.75" - 12"

Most Popular Size: 11.75"

Pitchers typically have about the same size as other infielders but opt for closed pockets or Modified Traps to avoid seeing their grip. You MUST avoid predominantly white or grey gloves as a pitcher as they are illegal.


12.25" - 13"

Most Popular Size: 12.75"

Outfielder gloves offer a larger pattern size in comparison to infielder gloves. This is due to outfielders needing a larger pocket to assist with pop flies and wanting a longer reach.


12" - 13"

Most Popular Size: 12.5"

To be able to play first base, you need to be able to catch extremely well. Having the right sized mitt helps. First Base Mitts are larger and have a scoop to help catch anything thrown your way. Youth First Base Mitts for 12 & under are typically 12" or 12.25".

Catcher Mitt SIZING

31" - 34"

Most Popular Sizes: 32.5"- 33"

These gloves range in size from 31 inches to 34 inches. This isn't because they are three times the size of a normal glove, but rather because these mitts are measured by their circumference rather than top to bottom. Youth are typically 31"- 32.5" and Adult are 33" and up. Due to how thick the padding can be, the pocket on a 32.5" and 34" can be about the same size.


9" - 12.5"

Most Popular Sizes: 11" - 11.5"

Infield Youth Gloves: 9" - 11.5"

Outfield Youth Gloves: 10.5" - 12.5"

Youth gloves are recommended for younger players who have not stopped growing and are likely to outgrow their glove sooner rather than later. The age range of youth players is 12 years old and under. Because of the wide range in age, the sizes are going to have a larger range too. The difference with youth gloves is a smaller wrist opening and tighter finger stalls for a more secure fit on a youth player's hand.


How is a glove measured? Fielders gloves and first base mitts are measured by starting at the top of the index finger of the glove down the finger along the inside of the pocket and then out to the heal of the glove.  Lay the tape measure across the palm of the glove, so that it folds across and into the indenture, down to the heel of the glove.  A catcher's mitt is measured by the circumference.