“I don’t do anything halfway. I’m either not interested or I’m obsessed. I’m just a freak.” — Ray DeMarini

      In 1989 the aluminum bat game was flatlined. Top bat manufacturers weren’t innovating. Ray DeMarini, a 40-year-old playing on a company softball team, took notice and turned his obsession into a startup business. 

      He realized there was a great opportunity to design a technical bat for the sophisticated ball player, and set out to create an earth-shattering high-performance bat. Partnering with his friend and engineer Mike Eggiman, they began operating DeMarini Sports out of a dirt-floored barn on a shoestring budget.

      DeMarini Sports went on to deliver a series of industry firsts: from the first multi-wall bat and the first ever two-piece and hybrid bats, to the game-changing technology that is impacting baseball, fastpitch and slowpitch softball today.

      Ray’s intensity and drive remain at the core of the company today. From a dirt-floored shack to today’s 80,000 sq. ft. industrial complex in Hillsboro, Oregon, DeMarini Sports keeps checking off milestones at a clip that would make Ray proud.

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