The AXE Revolution: Why is an Axe Handle bat better?

How modern technology is disrupting the game and leading to groundbreaking performance. Axe Bat is the only bat built for your swing. Engineered from handle to end cap, these bats are proven to give you better bat speed, more barrel control, and explosive pop.


AXE Bats created a handle designed for the way your hand grips the bat, and that improved grip is scientifically proven to enhance your bat speed and barrel control.

Engineered for the biomechanics and ergonomics of your swing, the axe handle supports your most natural and efficient movement through the hitting zone. When compared to the old-school round knob in a comprehensive study conducted by UCLA’s Vijay Gupta, Ph.D., using elite college baseball players, the axe handle was superior in every category.


“Look at our right fielder, Mookie Betts. He’s having a tremendous year using it. He’s surpassed his career high in home runs, and he’s hitting over .300. Our second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, was a good hitter, but with this bat, he has more pop.”

– Chili Davis, Big League Hitting Coach, Popular Science


For more than 140 years, players everywhere have been swinging bats with a major design flaw: the round knob handle.

You could consider it outdated design, but it was never designed in the first place. It was the best that could be mass-produced on simple wood lathes, the same centuries-old tools used to make table legs, candlesticks, and cookware.

Simply put: the handle was never intentionally designed for the player’s grip… until now.

AXE designed the better bat.


Axe Bats are approved for use everywhere, and are being used by players at all levels to achieve better swings and better results. Elite players were among the first to discover the benefits of the Axe Handle; only two years after gaining a foothold in the Big Leagues, Axe Handle bats have now been swung by nearly 60 players during the regular season. In 2017, use in the Big Leagues skyrocketed more than 40%, led by new Axe Pro, George Springer, who swung an Axe Handle bat exclusively while winning a world championship and series MVP honors. The same growth is occurring in college baseball, where two of the four major national championships in 2017 were won by programs swinging Axe Bats exclusively. On the training side, Axe Bat Speed Trainers powered by Driveline Baseball have been welcomed into the dugout of nearly every top 25 college program in the country, thanks to an eight-week program delivering average exit-speed increases of 4.8 mph. The Axe Handle is going mainstream. The revolution is under way. Don’t be the one left behind.


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