Introducing the 2024 Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Bat

Learn about the 2024 Louisville Slugger Meta softball bat technology and improved durability.

2024 Louisville Slugger Meta

Designed for all types of softball players – whether you’re setting the table at the top of the order, clearing the bases from the cleanup spot or turning over the lineup from the 9-hole – the 2024 Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Bat offers enhanced durability along with the high-end performance hitters crave. New upgrades for 2024 improve durability while maintaining great feel and excellent performance, according to Jeremy Yim, Louisville Slugger’s Senior Manager for Research & Development.

“The barrel is responsive, and the cantilevered inner wall design still gives it one of the largest sweet spots in the game,” Yim said. “In exit velocity comparisons, the 2024 Meta continues to be one of the top performers across a wide variety of players.”

Updated Internal Structure

New for 2024, Louisville Slugger modified the Meta Fastpitch Bat with extra internal safeguards, solidifying the barrel structure without sacrificing feel or performance.

While fortifying the bat’s internal structure, Louisville Slugger engineers maintained key components of the MASH™ Composite Barrel to keep its signature sound and performance. The low-compression gapped wall barrel is constructed with a cantilevered design to offer a balanced feel with a recognizable sound on contact.

“The sound is very similar to the current model and was not affected too much by our changes,” Yim said. “The loud sound is driven by the ball impacting the outer wall, and then the outer wall crashing into the inner wall.”

Thanks to its gapped wall design, the Meta Fastpitch Bat delivers strong results right away, and repeated use in batting practice and games helps the composite barrel achieve peak performance.

Among all 2024 Louisville Slugger fastpitch bats – including the Meta, Xeno and LXT – the Meta is the only bat with a gapped wall barrel to create a distinct sound and flexible feel through the swing.

The 2024 Louisville Slugger Meta FP is a two-piece composite fastpitch softball bat with an XTV™ Connection System allowing for independent movement of the barrel and handle. Meta’s two-piece construction helps absorb vibration on contact, mitigating hand sting while offering players the responsiveness needed to adjust their swing.

Louisville Slugger’s F2X™ End Cap appears atop the MASH Composite Barrel. Flush with the end of the barrel, this transparent end cap design maximizes the bat’s profile without sacrificing swing speed or control.

Who Should Swing Meta

Available in a variety of lengths across four distinct weight drops, there is a Meta Fastpitch Bat for nearly every high school, travel ball and college softball player. Hitters can choose from (-11), (-10), (-9) and (-8) weight drops – and each version of Meta offers a balanced swing weight. While elite slappers and younger high school hitters may prefer the lighter Meta (-11) for total barrel control, softball’s strongest players can rely on the heavier Meta (-8) for dominant performance and home run swings.

“The Meta Fastpitch Bat is very versatile and swung by a variety of players,” Yim said. “It is especially suited for players that can benefit from the larger sweet-spot and more flexible, vibration-dampening connection.”

All models of the Meta Fastpitch Bat deliver an easy-swinging profile with a touch of weight targeted toward the end of the barrel. This weight distribution helps to create a balanced swing while also empowering players to drive the ball for base hits.

“Given the opportunity, everyone should try out the 2024 Meta Fastpitch Bat to see if the sound and feel fits their swing,” Yim said.

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