Do I Have A Warranty? A Buying Guide

Do you have a Warranty? Can you trust who you're buying from? The Manufacturers are cracking down extremely hard! So here are some easy things to look for to make sure you are covered:


Buy From Authorized Dealers

Make sure you are buying from an authorized dealer! If you buy your products from an unauthorized dealer the manufacturers will NOT honor the warranty!
  • We are an authorized dealer for every brand that we carry!
How do I know if the Dealer is Authorized? Larger trustworthy brands will be authorized and often will have a list of who they are an authorized dealer for. To absolutely make sure you can contact the manufacturer directly and ask if the store you're looking to buy from is an authorized dealer.


Do Not Buy From 3rd Party Selling Sites (Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc)

If you buy on a 3rd Party Site you DO NOT have a warranty! Including Amazon, Facebook, EBay, and others!

  • Buying direct from the manufacturer on Amazon you will have a warranty.
  • Buying from other Resellers you will NOT! Even if they are an Authorized dealer buying from an Amazon or Ebay etc page from them voids that Warranty!

Even if the dealer at the point of purchase tells you that you have a warranty the manufacturers will not honor it if your receipt comes from one of these places.


Warranty's Do Not Transfer

If you buy a bat from another parent, coach, etc the warranty does not transfer! The receipt has to be in your name! If it is someone on your team or that you know you might have to ask them to send it back on your behalf.


This is all crazy, but as we deal with the manufacturers on a daily basis we wanted to pass along the changes that have happened recently. We want to make sure that customers know what is happening and so they don't have issues if they have to send in a warranty claim.

If you do decide to buy from an unauthorized dealer or from a 3rd party site know that you are purchasing at your own risk!

We hope that this helps some of you and if you have any questions please contact us! We'd love to help as much as we can!