America’s Pastime. American Made. Nokona.


Since 1934, in Nocona, Texas, premium ball gloves have been handcrafted by skilled American workers, using the world’s highest quality leathers. Many of these people have dedicated their lives to producing the finest baseball and softball gloves, so that each glove can be used with confidence and pride. Nokona gloves are individually cut, stamped, stitched, laced, and embroidered, which gives each one its own unique identity and feel. Today, Nokona is focused on the future, applying many of the same principles that have guided our past – quality, craftsmanship, innovation, integrity, and a commitment to our employees, suppliers, customers, and our country. We continue to put classic American workmanship into every glove, using techniques developed over the past 85+ years.

Made in America

All Nokona items are designed in the U.S., and our ‘Made N USA’ marking shows that your Nokona is made entirely or almost entirely in the U.S., with the highest quality and performance leathers from around the world. This includes gloves and belts made in our American facilities using specialty leathers such as American Steerhide, American Bison, Kangaroo from Australia and Japanese CalfSKNT™.

Assembled in America

We also offer products marked with ‘Assembly N USA’, which signifies that at least 50% of the labor and leather combined are American.


Our products marked as ‘American Heritage’ are all made with our famous American leathers, and are produced to the same high-quality standards Nokona is known for, in countries other than the United States. The synergy between these American-made categories gives you a wide range of options, as you can select your preference in our custom product sections, and all Nokona items can be sent directly to our Texas facility for service or repairs. We are proud to put classic American workmanship into all Nokona products, using techniques that we have developed for almost 100 years.

Honored at the White House

In a tribute to American workers, President Donald J. Trump invited one company from each of the 50 states to participate in the Great American-Made Product Showcase at the White House. Nokona was honored to represent the great state of Texas at the 2019 event.