Bratt's Bat 29 in/40oz wood Bat 40 Oz 29 Inches

Item No: 6482


Nokona proudly introduces their new partnership with Bratt’s Bat. The revolutionary design of the Bratt’s Bat evenly distributes swing weight throughout the bat as opposed to just the end of the bat; which you get with a weighted doughnut. This bat will loosen your hitting muscles all the while strengthening them. Your hands, wrist, and arms benefit the most from work with the Bratt’s Bat. Studies have been done to prove that this training device can add up to more than ten MPH to your swing. The Lexan plastic tube and hard wood handle used in the manufacturing process makes the Bratt’s bat virtually indestructible and one of the safest on-deck training tools. These bats range in size from 29 to 35 inches. When choosing a bat, you should choose a bat similar in length to the bat you swing at the plate. This will help develop a more powerful, quick swing. Hitters of all ages and levels of play are marveling at the difference the Bratt’s Bat can make to your offensive game. Features of the Bratts Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adult Model Can Add More than 10 MPH to Swing Speed Evenly Distributed Swing Weight Excellent Strength Training Tool Free Shipping Lexan Plastic Tube with Hard Wood Handle On-Deck Tool Red and Natural Finish Traditional Knob Various Length to Weight Ratios Customer Review Summary For Bratts Bat Wood Training Bat: BRATTBAT Adult.