for MINUS 11 [-11] FASTPITCH BATS
 (Item no: ST-12638)

Price: $249.99


Are you ready to Flex More Power? The legendary Easton® STEALTH™ is back, and it’s packing an all-new FLEX™ barrel design – an innovation that delivers more pop, improved feel and better overall performance through a softer and more flexible barrel design. The STEALTH™ FLEX™ -10 is an evenly balanced design for a faster swing speed, and 15% more barrel compression means more pop right out of the wrapper. The two-piece TCT™ Thermo Composite Technology and CXN ZERO™ technology reduce vibration and sting in a design with a bigger sweet spot than ever before. The ultra-thin 29/32” handle with 1.2mm HYPERSKIN™ grip provides stability through the hitting zone. The Easton® STEALTH™ FLEX™ is certified at 98MPH for the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA and ISF. EVENLY-BALANCED FLEX™ BARREL DESIGN APPROVED FOR PLAY IN ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA & ISF 1 MODEL # FP18SF11 2 CERTIFICATION ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF 3 DROP WEIGHT -11 4 SIZES 28/17, 29/18, 30/19, 31/20, 32/21, 33/22, 34/23 5 FLEX™ FLEXIBLE BARREL COMPRESSION For a softer barrel out of the wrapper 6 TCT™ TERMO COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY For a massive sweet spot and unmatched swing speed 7 CXN ZERO™ TWO-PIECE CONNEXION™ TECHNOLOGY Engineered for zero vibration and ultimate performance 8 HANDLE Ultra 29/32" handle with all new 1.2mm HYPERSKIN™ HELIX grip